The Powerbuilding Program
The Powerbuilding Program

The Powerbuilding Program

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The Ultimate Resistance Training Program if your goal is to get both Strong and Jacked. You're guaranteed to make a tonne of progress with your physique and strength gains if you follow the regime closely. 

Most importantly, there is a testing phase as the end of the 11 weeks where you will test your 1 rep maxes and see how strong you are. 

This program is most suitable for intermediate to advanced level lifters. 

What's Included:

  • 11 Weeks of Training
  • 3 Training Waves
  • A Mixture of Powerlifting and Hypertrophy
  • A testing phase at the end of the program
  • Exercise Videos on how to perform the lifts
  • Information on how to optimise your nutrition and recovery to accelerate your progress

The program will be sent to your email after purchase. Make sure to check your Junk Mail too!

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