Who We Are


NineToFive Fitness is a passion driven venture created by Louis Phillips and Gabriel Chenkov-Shaw in November 2019

Our Vision

To be Australia's heart of trustworthy, transparent, and authentic fitness/nutrition advice. To create a wholesome community of boys and girls crushing their fitness and life goals. 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to get girls and boys working smarter instead of harder when it comes to fitness and nutrition. We're all busy, so why would we want to train inefficiently? We provide more sophisticated and scientifically driven programs than what's out there to ensure you're getting the results you deserve as quickly as possible. 

Our Inspiration

One of the best feelings we experienced was helping our mates in the gym and with their diets. The progress they achieved through our casual intervention was simply astounding which is what compelled us to bring this to a wider audience. Over the course of our training, we have treated the gym like a numbers game which brought phenomenal results. This scientific approach has been used to quantify our daily nutritional requirements as well as exposing ourselves to a progressive overload in our training. In combination, this achieves foolproof results. This is what we want to deliver to the fitness industry as there are too many people being misled by false images and dishonest promises.


Louis and Gabriel forged a strong friendship that commenced in 2010 through High School. After high school finished in 2016, the real fitness journey began. We were two skinny teenagers on the typical pursuit to ‘get big’. We would spend days training together on a trusty home bench press and dumbbells which gave us a solid platform of strength. Yet we always wondered if there was shortcut besides taking steroids. This was when we started researching academically verified documents that would prove which training and nutrition strategies were most effective for creating an aesthetic yet powerful physique. Now at 21 years old, we want those around us to redeem the same benefit. NineToFive Fitness seeks to bring these optimised training strategies to busy ‘NineToFivers’ like us. Whether it’s academic, work, or family commitments; achieving your fitness goals is entirely possible with a well thought out structure. 

Meet The Team