The New Powerbuilding Program Out Now

Choose Your Difficulty


You’re somewhat of a newcomer to the gym (0-12 months experience)  looking to hit the ground running. We all start somewhere so don’t worry, our programs will accelerate any normal rate of progression. You’ve been training a few times per week (1-4 times) with some sort of framework. You have a basic understanding of different movements.



You’re decently experienced at this point and you feel comfortable performing a variety of movements in the gym. You can control and utilise the concentric and eccentric segments of a lift. You have likely been training for 12-24 months following a structure that exposes you to a progressive overload. Essentially, you’ve reaped some of the noobie gains and are looking to progress to the next level.



You’re a seasoned athlete with at least 2 years experience lifting. Training age in the gym isn’t always indicative of how experienced you are as a lifter. To truly belong to this level, you should have a minimum of a year’s training following a strict regime where you have accomplished vast progression from your initial state. You’re proficient in performing exercises properly and your mates come to you for help in the gym. You know your compounds from your isolations and have used up most of your genetic’s noobie gains.