Intermediate Difficulty

Choose Your Goal

Gaining Size

This genre of training utilises a higher rep range for compound and isolation movements to achieve muscle hypertrophy. Generally, the rep range will be around 8-12 for most exercises. If you’re wanting to have a rig that commands respect at the beach or merely want to fill out your Saturday night outfit, then you will definitely want to adopt this hypertrophy-specific training. This is suitable for any level of experience.


Gaining Strength

An emphasis on strength training will harness a generally lower rep range for compound lifts as the weight is increased for them. If you want to brag to your mates about how much you can Bench, Deadlift, and Squat this is your go. A strength focused program would be most fruitful for an intermediate-advanced athlete. Under this style of training, your body will undergo the highest degree of neuromuscular adaption which is necessary to boost those lifts to elite levels. 


Gaining Size and Strength

This style of training will incorporate both hypertrophy based training and strength based training. This will ensure that your physique is both functional (strength) and aesthetic (size) and will resemble a power bodybuilding regime. The compound lifts will focus on strength gains in the program, whilst isolation movements will utilise high-rep size boosting movements. This is suitable for any difficulty.